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XBody is a leader in Whole Body EMS technology throughout the world. Founded in 2010, they are an award winning company that delivers innovative products of the highest quality. With thousands of devices and studio around the world, you can rest assured that XBody has all the appropriate certifications for safety. And in fact, every day there are over 40,000 XBody trainings happening worldwide!

Leader in EMS training technology

In order to sculpt your whole body quickly, XBody has you covered! The system ensures that all major muscle groups (up to 11 at one time such as shoulders, quads, hamstrings, glutes, upper/mid/lower back, biceps/triceps, chest, calfs) have proper positioning for every individual through their innovative Training Suits. When coupled with the XBody device that the highly educated Body Sculpt coach utilizes, it ensures that every person has their own private/personalized profile and therefore receives exactly the right amount of stimulation required for best results…and all that, in 20 minutes!




Hygiene function

Compressions pads

Functional fabric

professional trainer

Your Body Sculpt Coach has a background in traditional training and additionally has an EMS Certification through the EMS Trainer Institute in order to assist you towards reaching your goals safely and effectively through supervised exercise and the use of the XBody device for optimal results.

The best way to talk about it is to try it!

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Come and live an experience that will electrify you!

the best way
to talk about it is to try!

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