ems training

Faster, more efficient, accessible training for everyone*!

In just 20 minutes of exercise, you can do the equivalent of 4 hours of time spent doing fitness in a traditional gym. Given with our training you are working all the main muscle groups simultaneously (pectoral/chest, abdominal, upper/mid/lower back, thighs, hamstrings, glutes and shoulders) you can obtain rapid results in 20 minutes.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses external stimulation in order to contract you muscles without putting strain on your joints or ligaments. Given the micro currents are similar to your internal Central Nervous System signals that are sent from your brain to your muscles during voluntary contraction, your body recognizes them as normal, safe and comfortable! With EMS training you can also achieve a greater contraction to the deep seated muscle, with less effort!

You will be accompanied after a thorough assessment, by your Body Sculpt coach who will assist you through your personalized workout in order that you achieve the very best results!

*your highly Educated Body Sculpt Coach will ensure you have no contraindications.

for who ?

In just 20 minutes…..4 hours of training in a traditional gym.





the benefits of electrostimulation

Here are 5 reasons to choose EMS training

whole body work

When you compare EMS to traditional workouts, you will find that EMS is a more thorough and balanced training. With traditional workouts you can often only train one muscle group at a time, or a stronger muscle group will take over leading to an unbalanced physique. With EMS full body training, we are able to make every workout functional through the stimulation of all muscle groups thereby leading to an optimally balanced body.

simultaneous activation of the agonist and antagonist muscles

Did you know that you have several types of muscles? You have agonist and antagonist muscles each having a specific role depending on the movement performed. An agonist muscle is the one that will produce the movement unlike the antagonist muscle which will exert a flexion. With EMS these two types of muscles are activated at the same time which leads to greater strength, endurance, functionality and aesthetics.

voluntary contraction + ems = objectives achieved

During traditional training, we achieve results through voluntary movements coupled with resistance. With EMS it’s the same in that voluntary movement (we’ve come a long way since the ‘ab belts’ that promised us six pack abs while sitting on the couch!) is coupled with the electro-stimulation, and therefore is so much more effective. While performing a series of voluntary movements as determined by your Body Sculpt coach and in conjunction with the stimulation from the XBody device these movements become greatly amplified. Like lifting heavy weights, but without the down side and risk of wear and tear on the joints and ligaments and injury as is often the case with traditional weights. It can also work around limitations that many people have that prevent them from being able to do traditional workouts.

improved performance

No need to worry if you are non athletic! EMS can be for everyone! You needn’t learn complex exercises given simple movements are greatly enhanced by the stimulation. Exercise like simple squats, planks and biceps curls are enough! The stimulation will be applied according to your abilities by your Body Sculpt coach so you get the best results possible! As you advance you can do more complex movements such as lunges and your Coach can also add higher levels of stimulation to push you to new heights, always according to your personalized comfort level!

the best results in a short time

1-2 x 20 minutes a week is all you need for great results! Each 20 minute session can be equivalent to 4 hours in a traditional setting between preparing to workout, doing several ‘sets’ with resting in between, and having to go several times in order to achieve training each body part.

The best way to talk about it is to try it!

Your first session at Body Sculpt is free. Come and experience it yourself. You will be electrified!

the best way
to talk about it is to try!

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